Another Day, Another Dog
A Book by Trevor Rowe, ISBN 0-7552-0263-5

Another Day, Another Dog

"A fascinating, humorous and downright interesting account of the rewards, perils, responsibilities and fun in caring for animals and their homes while the owners are away."

"I laughed until the tears ran down my face."

Perfect as a present for all pet owners, would-be pet owners and lovers of the countryside.

Travel, humour, sadness, tales and tips all in one book created to appeal to all age groups.

Come with me to the USA, Saudi Arabia and many parts of the UK, off the beaten track, and share our experiences along the way.

You'll laugh, maybe shed a tear or two but you will find it captivating.

You'll also be helping to combat that dreaded disease, cancer, as a large part of the net profits will be going to Cancer Research.

Listen to an excerpt from one of my chapters, The Faith Healer, on my BBC Radio Web Page, at:

In paperback 5" x 8", 267 pages and in Ebook format, with illustrations. If you like Bill Bryson's books, or even if you don't, you'll love this one!

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