Another Day, Another Dog
A Book by Trevor Rowe, ISBN 0-7552-0263-5

Another Day, Another Dog - Synopsis

The early chapters tell how the author and his wife, Sue, enjoyed the company of their own animals and of the exotic places they lived. They share with the reader many of their humorous, and some sad, experiences over the years.

For example, Trevor was chastised in a phone call from France because he would not go out in the dead of night to teach their newly acquired bald, inexperienced ex-battery hens to roost. Their pets get into trouble and like all long-term pet owners they suffer a few sad losses along the way.

Their newly married life in North Devon, England, was blissful but was cut short by an unexpected, but most welcome, move to St Louis, Missouri, in the USA and the next portion of the book features their animal encounters in that "great" country. Returning after three years in America they then spent a year or so in England before another unplanned overseas trip. Their extended stay in Saudi Arabia and their contact there with animals feature next, prior to the real subject matter - their house sitting experiences.

They travelled from Northumberland to East Sussex in the course of their "work" and they learned much about some of the villages and their history on the way. There was nothing quite like the peace and tranquility of a beautiful summer's afternoon in a delightful English country garden. Conversely, lambing during a powerful thunderstorm on a bitterly cold winter's night in February was quite the opposite. Particularly when Sue was only supposed to be taking care of the dogs and cats and Trevor was miles away in another house which was struck by lightning. Five weeks with Olly, the rottweiler, was interesting, challenging but also very enjoyable.

The North Yorkshire Moors, rugged, beautiful and peaceful in summer. But in winter?

And then there was Ben, the elderly cancer stricken Labrador that they had twice to take to the faith healer...

Did we mention the cat up Sue's nose? No?