Another Day, Another Dog
A Book by Trevor Rowe, ISBN 0-7552-0263-5

The Author - Trevor Rowe

Trevor was born in Kent, England, and travelled extensively both with his father who had a long career in the British Army and, subsequently, during his own 34 year career in the Royal Air Force. His overseas tours included St Louis Missouri, Kenya, Zambia, Saudi Arabia and many other parts of the Middle East.

He "retired" as a Wing Commander in 1993 and after a two year spell with BAe in Saudi Arabia, and between long winter visits to the USA, quite by accident he and Sue fell into house-sitting one summer.

Trevor's interests include golf, the guitar and singing, and his (beloved - Sue says) computers!

He and Sue live in a village near to the beautiful spa town of Harrogate on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.