Another Day, Another Dog
A Book by Trevor Rowe, ISBN 0-7552-0263-5


Trevor Rowe's experiences as a house/pet-sitter - a relaxed (sometimes!) third career after long and rewarding years in the RAF and subsequent business adventures that I suspect drew heavily on those heady days - make marvellous light reading. This is the book for the short-haul airline traveller. It is one for the busy soul who can only afford perhaps an hour at a time - a book that can be picked up and put down without spoiling its pleasure. It is not a 'page-turner', nor a saga the reader sinks into and can't bear to put down. It needs to be savoured - perhaps revisited from time to time. It is definitely one for that bookshelf of favourites.

The author has that light touch of the gifted raconteur, a style that is conversational and spiced with often mischievous humour. His stories are alive with the good clean fun that dog-lovers especially will appreciate. They will smile, laugh aloud and - yes - weep the odd tear as they recognise the antics of their own much-loved animals and the joys and sadnesses of being a pet owner. Some of the tales are hilarious, some slightly scary, while some of the yarns thrown in to add a little spice are definitely hoary with age, but nevertheless still good for a laugh on this trip down memory lane.

At times, Trevor's descriptions of his temporary surroundings border on the lyrical, tempting readers to go and see for themselves the gentle beauty of the Ashdown Forest and Downs of Western Kent, the magnificent scenery of the Yorkshire Dales and - if that weren't enough - the glories of sunsets in the Florida everglades.

This is a book to relish and enjoy. It is a delightful read and I heartily recommend it.

John W Timbers

If you are looking for an enjoyable, undemanding read - particularly if you are an animal-lover - then look no further than Another Day, Another Dog.

Trevor Rowe recounts a series of anecdotes about life as a dog-sitter (with the occasional cat, bullock or bat to liven up the proceedings) with humour, practicality, and obvious affection for his various charges. Picking up this book is like slipping into a comfortable cardigan, or having a chat with an old friend.

In the course of their pet-sitting duties, Trevor and his resilient - not to say resourceful - wife, Sue, enjoy a temporary residence in some very pleasant rural properties and the feel of English country living runs through this book. Business commitments requiring Trevor to spend extended periods abroad from time to time are the reason why this dog-lover is available to mind other peoples' pets rather than having his own. Some nice turns of phrase succinctly conjure up these more exotic locations, and it never seems to be long before some four-legged acquaintance appears on the scene.

The writing is good, and Trevor's conversational style is endearing. A percentage of the sales of Another Day Another Dog go to Cancer Research, which sums up the generosity of spirit apparent in the writing.

Another Day Another Dog won't change anyone's life or win any literary prizes, but it is a thoroughly pleasant read. I fully endorse its claim to be "recommended reading for pet-owners, would-be pet owners and lovers of the English countryside."

Sue Rule